Where Can I Find Sword Art Online Games in Order?

Where Can I Find Sword Art Online Games in Order? ...

Sword Art Online is a well-known game franchise with a vision of video game future at its core. And as might be expected of such a company, there are a good few genuine video games out there that will appeal to its fans. Here's a quick guide to help you pick the best place to start with SAO video games.

What is the best place to get Sword Art Online games?

SAO games are available on a wide range of platforms, including the PSP, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, PC, and once Last Recollection is released, the PlayStation Store. All of the official single-player SAO games are available on Steam or the PSN store, so you may play them in sequence on a single platform.

The game adaptations of Sword Art Online have a number of original characters, and they utilize sources in unique ways. Although they don't alter the narrative, they may confuse someone who comes from the anime who expects things to be the same across media.

The fact that the games are presented in chronological order is a relief. Players interested in exploring the SAO games' should first have a basic knowledge of previous titles.

Here's a summary of each Sword Art Online game in the order in which they should be played.

Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, as a technical title, was the first game released in the West. Moreover, it isn't necessary to play it, since it has been completely replaced by its quasi-sequel, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, from 2014.

Hollow Fragment is a new PS Vita remake that includes all of Infinity Moment's content as a base. It is later released on PS4 (and later, PC) and is titled Sword Art Online: Re: Hollow Fragment. In a way, this game lies at the core of the SAO games' alternate timeline. It asks, "What if Kirito and the gang still had to clear the rest of the Aincrad tower before leaving the death game?"

Re: Hollow Fragment is now available on Steam and PlayStation 4.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is set in Alfheim Online (ALO) where Kirito, Asuna, and their friends learn to play after leaving SAO and Aincrad. It eliminates the whole "Fairy Dance" plotline (which couldn't have happened as originally written), instead, the game explores an expanded area near ALO called "Svart Alfheim."

Lost Song is notable for featuring the original SAO crew's ALO character designs, as well as introducing several ALO-based characters from the Fairy Dance arc (like Alicia Rue and Sakuya) and the Girls Ops spin-off manga. Notably, the game also includes an alternative, perhaps happier story arc to the "Mother's Rosario."

Lost Song is now available on PC through Steam, PS Vita, and PS4.

Aquria, the creators of Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment and Hollow Fragment, decided to go with the original SAO game adaptation. They even return to Sword Art: Origin, a new, non-lethal title that references Aincrad's assets and quests.

Hollow Realization reimagines a lot of Hollow Fragment's ideas, particularly those that deal with the stuttering MMORPG game rhythm. This allows Kirito to interact with even random NPC characters, strengthening connections with them beyond his stable of named contacts, while Kizmel from the Sword Art Online Progressive series makes an appearance.

Hollow Realization is now available on PC via Steam, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Fatal Bullet is the most dramatic departure from the original novels and anime. For one, the base game does not even feature Kirito and his pals, but instead includes a player-created protagonist and their buddies, which serves as the setting for the "Death Gun" story arc. Fatal Bullet was developed by Dimps, the makers of Freedom Wars, and the game's DNA carries over to it.

The "Death Gun" story serves as a background story for Kirito and the SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online manga, as well as GGO-based characters.

Fatal Bullet is now available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Alicization Lycoris, the most recent SAO game, is a departure from other SAO titles. Like the Alicization arc in the anime and novels that seem to be a SAO-inspired interpretation of popular "isekai" tales of the current age, Alicization Lycoris returns to the narrative roots of Infinity Moment by building on what should have been the canonical "end" of a key story arc in the source material. Kirito is left in a position to

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Millennium Twilight is a tribute to another SAO novel, though it was largely left out in 2017.

Millennium Twilight is now available on Steam, PS4 and PS Vita, as well as Sword Art Online.

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