This gives the Pixel 4a a longer battery life thanks to a hack

This gives the Pixel 4a a longer battery life thanks to a hack ...

The quality of our smartphones' battery life is still a bit tense these days. For the most part, we can probably squeeze a day or even a day and a half out of our devices, but this is if we're being particularly cautious with our usage.

This Pixel 4a owner was after something less than a quarter-inch of battery life thanks to a tiny tweaking. The Pixel 4a's battery now has a 3,885mAh capacity, which roughly translates to a 17 percent increase in battery life.

According to the Redditor, they have years of experience in PCB manufacturing and repair and they believed they might re-fit the Pixel 5a's battery inside the Pixel 4a. There were some issues with the fit due to the discovery that the Pixel 5a's battery was slightly taller, thicker, and narrower, but thanks to some modifications and the shifting of the Pixel 4a's battery management system, they managed to get it to fit.

This is not a hack that is tailored for everybody, and there may be other issues that may arise later, but the Redditor says they will keep an eye on the battery percentages as time goes on.

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