The Hunter and The Apocathery are revealed in a new Octopath Traveler II trailer, as well as new story structures

The Hunter and The Apocathery are revealed in a new Octopath Traveler II trailer, as well as new sto ...

The next sequel to Octopath Traveler from Acquire Corp. and Team Asano has been revealed by Square Enix. All but two of the eight playable characters have been revealed. And this information concern the remaining two protagonists.

The first is Ochette, who was born on the island of Toto'haha, in the southeast part of the world, who set sail to seek help to save her lands and fellow beastlings from an "encroaching catastrophe."

Ochette's Path Actions allow her to Provoke townpeople during the day and Befriend them during the night. Win and they'll be knocked unconscious, but lose and you'll lose town reputation, which will prevent you from using Path Actions in battles later.

Ochette's strengths are Capture and Prepare. When HP is reduced, weakness is revealed, or broken, she can capture monsters.

Preparing allows you to transform captured monsters into items. Items that are prepared can be used to enthuse people.

The power of Ochette's hidden power taps into her Animal Instincts abilities. These abilities do not consume any SP.

Castti Florenz, an Apothecary, is a fictional character from Southern Solistia. She was discovered adrift at sea, and she is amnesiac, with little information about her identity revealed from a satchel and her apothecary skills.

Castti's Path Actions enable her to Inquire in the day and Soothe in the night. Inquire allows you to learn information from locals. Additional information may be gained if she has a higher level.

If you have the necessary equipment to do it, townspeople will be in pain to be sleeping.

Castti's Talent is Concoct. She can use ingredients to create healing and damage-dealing goods.

Every drop counts, allowing Castti to concoct without using up ingredients or materials.

Castti's story path may take her to Malaya, a fellow apothecary, although he isn't a gamer.

In a story moment for Castti and Ochette, the duo investigates Cropdale's village.

The main story quests in Octopath Traveler II are arranged in a different manner. They may be non-linear, letting players pick what to do first, or making a game-changing decision. Ochette has to choose one of two available companions to accompany her throughout her adventure.

Octopath Traveler II will have a Game Speed changer to speed up battles, as well as an option to fast-forward event scenes.

Octopath Traveler II will be available on PS4, PS5, and PC on Steam and Switch on February 24. For Asia, the Steam version will be released one day later, on February 25.

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