T.J. Holmes' past office romances, according to reports, blindsided Amy Robach

T.J. Holmes' past office romances, according to reports, blindsided Amy Robach ...

Amy Robach appeared to be averse to expecting her alleged affair with T.J. Holmes to 'blow up into a scandal.'

Here's all you need to know about everything.

Amy Robach has been described as having suffered from'collateral damage' following her shocking romance with T.J. Holmes in November.

'She had no clue about T.J.'s past office romances,' they said.

The insider was most likely to refer to Holmes' alleged affair with an ABC intern who was thirteen years his junior.

'She certainly did not anticipate that their relationship would engulf their lives,' they said, adding, "It was likely that she would lose her marriage."

Despite reports, Page Six reports that the 43-year-old host was a bit less 'blindsided.'

An insider claims that Holmes was 'up front' with Robach about his previous relationship with producer Natasha Singh.

Besides that, the most recent story comes a week after it was revealed that Holmes had a months-long connection with Jasmin Pettaway.

T.J. Holmes was dating Jasmin Pettaway, who was 24 at the time while being married to his now-estranged wife, Marilee Fiebig, according to a source.

They claimed: 'He was a prey who took full advantage of his position, and he was unruly.'

'It was Jasmin's first real job in television,' they said, adding, "She was looking for a mentor."

'T.J. was someone who was kind, but he completely abused his trust position,' said the source.

Pettaway was 'confused afterwards' thinking what all the fuss had triggered, according to an insider.

Holmes' actions were presumably part of a 'extremely reckless' behavior, according to them.

The respective roles of Holmes and Amy Robach at 'GMA3' are reportedly on the verge of being chopping off.

After the revelations of their alleged relationship, the duo was swiftly removed from the air.

In the midst of discussions with the channel, an insider revealed that the GMA3 personality and her co-host have enlisted the help of a lawyer.

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