Who is the world's best professional gamer?

Who is the world's best professional gamer? ...

The world of eSports has gotten a lot of attention for a long time now, and the number of video games used in tournaments has risen, resulting in a rise in professional athletes and teams that compete in official events every year.

The continuous improvement of eSports, which culminated with the proposal to include video games among the Olympic disciplines, has resulted in a significant increase in professional athletes' popularity, and enthusiasts have begun to classify and compare them, as happens in any sport.

The one who comes closest to this definition is probably Lee Sang-HyeokSouth Korean footballer in League of Legends (by the way, here's what's new in League of Legends patch 13.2).

Faker is considered to be the greatest League player of all time thanks to his heroics that allowed him to lead the SK Telecom 1 team to victory by three world championships. Furthermore, Faker was the first player in the Korean league to first reach 1,000 and then 2,000 kills.

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