Lenovo has pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2050

Lenovo has pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2050 ...

Lenovo has announced that it intends to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, a promise that has also been validated and approved by the Science-Based Targets (SBTi) movement. By joining forces with SBTi and following its net zero emissions standard, Lenovo is taking a scientific and responsible, yet collaborative approach to reducing emissions.

Lenovo has the ability to know exactly when it will reach its 2050 goal, something it would not have done otherwise. This is because it is the first company to standardize the meaning of net zero emissions, linking it to efforts to keep global warming to a 1.5° Celsius rise.

The SBTi standard is also flexible, responding to both business and climate variations. The fact of joining the entity in order to achieve the goal facilitates both accountability and ongoing efforts to achieve it.

Lenovo's 2050 emissions reduction targets, which have also been validated by SBTi, are in line with Lenovo's 2030 emissions reduction goals. Lenovo has also pledged to reduce Tier 3 greenhouse gas emissions, which were established in 2018.

Lenovo intends to reduce scope 3 emissions from purchases of goods and services by 2030 by 66.55 per million gross profit. In addition, for the same year, the company plans to reduce another 25% per ton/km in emissions from transportation and distribution. By 2050, the company plans to reduce absolute Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions by 90%.

Lenovo's main strategies to reduce emissions include reducing the environmental impact of its products as well as leveraging innovation to improve sustainability in its manufacturing processes, as well as the reduction of emissions throughout its operations and across the value chain.

Lenovo's emissions measurement will help to create a common data set that will help to understand and combat climate change. This will be done in accordance with the Paris Agreement's aim of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. According to Gartner, Lenovo is one of the world's top 25 supply chains and is a recognized leader in climate change and water security by CDP.

Lenovo's chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang said that "for more than a decade, we have committed to reducing carbon emissions." Together, we believe that collaboration and responsibility are the key elements to achieving collective success. We continue to monitor and update our findings."

Luiz Amaral, the CEO of the Science-Based Targets initiative, has stressed that "Climate science tells us that we must cut emissions quickly and dramatically if we are to achieve net zero emissions and prevent the most harmful effects of climate change." Lenovo's net-zero emissions targets reflect the urgency of the climate problem and set a clear example for its competitors.

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