Children of Silentown do not leave the house, do not make a mistake

Children of Silentown do not leave the house, do not make a mistake ...

Genre Quest

Daedalic Entertainment, a publisher, is a well-known artist.

Elf Games, a game development company, has released a set of games.

Minimum Requirements Any SSE2 processor, 2 GB RAM, a DirectX 10 capable graphics card, and 7 GB hard disk space

Requirements Any SSE2 capable processor, 4 GB RAM, and a DirectX 10 graphics card are recommended.

Release date for this film is the 11th of January, 2023.

From 12 years old, the minimum age you must be permitted to enter the country.

Localization Text

Platforms include PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Official site for the Department of Defense

Played on the Xbox Series S

Residents of Tikhomolk in the small town of Tikhomolk are in constant fear. A creepy gloomy forest is visible near the town square; it is strictly forbidden to enter it at night; these are not empty intimidations from their parents; people go missing if they disregard the rules established in the town.

Mysterious forest

Lucy, the protagonist of Elf Games' Children of Silentown, has already lost her mother: she went to a neighbor's house at night and never returned. Adults keep repeating the same things and talking in riddles instead of explaining what is really going on. Although they may not even realize it. So Lucy decides to investigate and return both her mother and the rest of the missing.

Do the opposite of what your mother says.

The narrative is intrigued from the beginning, and adults try their best to change the subject as quickly as possible. This is a simple, yet powerful game that allows you to appreciate what you are seeing in Lucy's dreams.

Too bad the ending didn't live up to expectations. By itself, it's okay and will certainly enliven feelings in sentimental people, but still many questions remain. Even if the narrator, who you'll hear in the first and last minutes of the game, might be better, as all of them are chosen at the last minute, and one of them requires you to purchase certain collectibles before the final.

Lucy has the gift of looking into the past.

Mini-games give you a lot of fun.

Children of Silentown is a familiar quest for inventory, puzzles, and the ability to communicate with characters. Some items may be combined with each other in most situations. The reasoning is more or less clear – if you do not accidentally miss a valuable item, then by trial and error you will achieve the desired result. However, in a couple of episodes, you are caught in awe.

The game's most distinctive feature is its ability for the main character to perform simple tunes based on world records. For example, the first of these makes the characters remember their past and reveal information that they had never heard before. This makes the characters more alive and enhances the atmosphere of a small town where everybody knows everyone but is not too quick to reveal all the secrets.

Children are averse to losing their parents, and parents are averse to losing their children.

Mini-games are linked to singing techniques, which can irritate an unprepared player: you need to stretch a thread on a fabric so that it touches all the buttons, and you have to turn the pieces with the tracks' images to form a loop from one point to another. And at the end, objects must sing songs – in these cases, they are required to press buttons in such a way that the lines emanating from them cover the whole field.

The difficulty of these mini-games is increasing every time. Obstacles appear on the patches, through which the thread cannot pass, and you either have to repair them with gears, or set them so that they may turn many fragments at once. They are useless to notice, and they often get lost in the narrative in the best way.

You must also recognize which side to start moving from in the mini-game with buttons.

The game itself is satisfactory: the locations are small and not so many that you can get lost, and the next step is usually more or less clear — you only need to select the items you need to add to the story to be satisfied. Children of Silentown takes five hours and, due to the atmosphere and intriguing narrative, you will not be bored until the end.


The game will most likely be forgotten by the end of the year, and many people will no longer remember it. And among the quests in the coming months, there will certainly be more outstanding examples. Yet there is something attractive about the project. This is a pleasant, cute, and unpretentious quest that you may perform with pleasure in the evening.


The visual style is simple and easy to grasp; standard quest mechanics are well-done; the story is captivating from the start...


...but any of the four endings aren't completely satisfying; puzzles created as minigames are tiring.


Although rustic, the game's visual style is quite appealing in the screenshots.

Sound is the key word in business.

The music is enjoyable, although there are not that many plays because they have no time to get bored.

A single-player game

A typical collecting quest, but long mini-games add to it.

The estimated travel time is a guideline.

It's 5 o'clock.

The collective game has gotten a lot of attention.

The following information is provided but is not available.

Impressions from the general public

A charming quest that will fascinate fans of the genre. Yes, you must endure mediocre mini-games and a somewhat disappointing conclusion.

Rating: 7,0/10

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