Is Netflix's Women at War based on a true story?

Is Netflix's Women at War based on a true story? ...

'Women at War' is a war drama about four women who meet at the start of the First World War in a small town in France. They are depicted in such vivid detail that one cannot help but wonder if the events in 'Women at War' occurred in real life.

Is Women at War a True Story?

'Women at War' is not a true story; all of the characters and events presented in the program are fictional, however, the producers have tried to keep all of it as true as possible. Lorne realized that there were just few films and shows that represented the lives of the people left behind during the First World War, although they were few and far between.

Lorne envisioned a war story that would focus on women, rather than on a passive basis, that would result in women returning home after their husbands or fathers or sons.

Lorne started off with a more practical side of the conflict. She was interested in learning more about a sex worker's internal conflicts inside the convent, and the character of a nun entered the fore through the building of a convent.

The writers worked closely with historians as well as a military advisor to ensure that despite the fictional nature of events, the narrative was historically accurate. The writers wanted no part of the narrative to appear to be fictitious. This information was crucial in the placement of the characters as well as their roles in the conflict.

'Women at War' was created with the intention of keeping things as accurate as possible. Sometimes, the writers and the crew strayed from accuracy just to serve the story or resolve a different issue. Yet, their country couldn't have won without them.

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