What caused Leslie Shay to leave Chicago Fire? Where is Lauren German today?

What caused Leslie Shay to leave Chicago Fire? Where is Lauren German today? ...

Leslie Shay, a member of NBC's action show 'Chicago Fire,' has been admired by many. It's no surprise that the viewers were shocked when she saw her dead in the third season premiere. It's also a reason for Lauren German's departure from the show.

What Caused Leslie Shay to Leave Chicago Fire?

A minor fire prompts the Firehouse 51 crew to approach a five-story structure. The latter is expected to take the place of Gabby when Gabby leaves the fire station. An explosion occurs in the building and a collapsed pipe kills Shay, paving the way for Lauren German's most celebrated episode.

Shay's death, according to Matt Olmstead, one of the show's executive producers, is a creative move. In the third season premiere, the creative heads decided to stick to a well-known character that would have the greatest impact.

In fact, the show's writers took into account several other "candidates" for her death in the third season premiere. "It's like a sports team roster when you're having to make a decision," Olmstead said in the same TVLine interview.

"She joked that she would not miss the Chicago winters," Olmstead told TVLine. "They almost know that you're being worse than they are."

What Has Happened to Lauren German?

Lauren German returned to the show in the same episode as Shay, appearing in flashback scenes in Kelly Severide's storyline throughout the fourteenth and nineteenth episodes of season 3, especially as Violet's death of her partner Chief Evan Hawkins.

German appeared in the sixth episode of season 1 of FOX and Netflix's fantasy series 'Lucifer.' Her uncredited performances for the same series include 'Heartbreaker' in the fourth episode of season 2, and 'Heart and Soul' in the ninth episode of season 1.

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