Explore the best Carnage decks in Marvel Snap, and progress to Infinite

Explore the best Carnage decks in Marvel Snap, and progress to Infinite ...

News Marvel Snap tip: Discover the greatest Carnage decks and level up to Infinite

Published on 01/19/2023 at 15:25

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There are no secrets to succeeding in the Marvel Snap rankings. If you like the destruction mechanic, there is one card you must miss, Carnage. In this article, we invite you to discover three decks with this card.

Carnage Destruction/Buff on the Ledeck

BarnesCarnageVenomKillmongerDeathlokMagikAnim ZolaKnullDeathlokMagikAnim ZolaKnullDeathlokMagikAnim BarnesCarnageVenomKillmongerDeathlokMagikAnim ZolaKnullDeathlokMagikAnim

This is the first deck we will show you, it has the advantage of being a beginner's deck, but it remains quite affordable. Indeed, there is no Pool 4 card inside and only one du Pool 5, Fuck.

The purpose of this deck is to not only play around with Destruction, whether through cards like Carnage, but also Venom, which will destroy the cards on your side of the field. Because cards like Deadpool, Nova, or Bucky Barnes are just asking to be destroyed in order to fulfill their potential!

Killmonger is a game winning card against Zoo decks in late game. The first is Arnim Zola, which allows you to destroy a card and then put it in the other two slots. The other option is to play a Knull that has a combined power equal to all cards destroyed.

The Carnage Destruction/Control deck is a work in progress.

The HoodNovaBucky BarnesCarnageLizardCosmoDeathlokMaximusWhite QueenIron ManLeechLeader

The first deck was inexpensive, but the second is affordable. We still have no Pool 4 cards. However, there is no need here in addition to Pool 5.

The first deck we will discuss will be more oriented towards low-energy cards. Nova or Bucky Barnes will also be destroyed by Carnage in this deck.

On turn 6, the Leader comes into play. He allows you to play the same cards as your opponent.

Budget for Le Deck Carnage

13Bucky BarnesCarnageSentinelLizardKillmongerDeathlokShang-chiMoon GirlWhite QueenDevil Dinosaur

The Marvel Snap Budget deck is offered as often as possible as a result of this. It is a deck that is composed of cards that you can quickly obtain. The majority of the cards come from Pool 1 and some from Pool 2, no more!

The beginning of the game will be similar to what we found on the first two decks that we presented to you. Thus, you have cards such as Bucky Barnes or even Nova that you will want to destroy using the Carnage card. At the same time, you will have a second objective.

You will discover the classic Devil Dinosaur deck mechanics in addition to Carnage and the mechanics of destruction. Thus, you will strive to keep a maximum of cards in your hand to be able to defeat a big Devil Dinosaur at the end of the game.

Learn more about the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this video.

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