What is Fez's real name and where did he come from on his 90s show?

What is Fez's real name and where did he come from on his 90s show? ...

'That '90s Show' is a spin-off of the popular sitcom 'That '70s Show.' It is set fifteen years after the original series' events and is woven in the same thread as well. Fez is one of the main characters in 'That '70s Show.' He starts off as an outsider but soon becomes an integral part of the group. He returns in 'That '90s Show,' and in some ways, he remains the same.

Fez's Real Name and Origin

Fez was introduced in 'That '70s Show' as a foreign exchange student. It was later revealed that 'Fez' was merely the short form of 'foreign exchange student' or 'fes.' Although, his friends know his real name, they say it is unpronunciable; in one episode, he ends up saying his name, but his voice is drowned out by the school bell.

Fez's motherland has been mentioned several times in 'That '70s Show,' where he never got around to revealing details. He claims that there are more lizards than humans, and that winter temperatures are 70 degrees.

Fans have been attempting to reconstruct all of the information that Fez has revealed about his homeland in an episode. From the Virgin Islands to the Falkland Islands, all sorts of answers have been discovered, but none has yet been officially confirmed.

Valderrama believed that this vagueness around Fez provided an opportunity to experiment with the actor and give him a twist of his own. Fez has a slight accent, which is another vague feature about him, making it difficult to discern where he is from.

Fez's lack of specificity gave him the chance to "be a little bit of everyone," while also giving him the chance to "create a character that he had never seen on television." He said that "Fez"'s real name is because that's what he is. That's one of the defining traits about his character."

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