Is Sam still dating Jordana from Siesta?

Is Sam still dating Jordana from Siesta? ...

Jordana Barnes and Sam Logan are two of the most popular friends on the program who have stayed on the edge of their friends zones throughout the fifth season. Let's see where the trail leads!

The Siesta Journey of Jordana and Sam

Jordana Barnes, Sam's artistic pal on the program, raised a lot of questions. She requested her to paint a $10,000 portrait of Juliette, but it didn't turn out to be Jordana! Later, Juliette revealed how Sam knew Jordana through an old girlfriend (Brittany Russell) whom he split up with.

Jordana made several controversial remarks about wanting to spend time with Sam because he was an attractive guy, and that too, in the presence of Juliette. In due course, Sam ended his relationship with his girlfriend due to her tendency of being irritated at something. Jordana immediately butted in to help him out.

Jordana and Sam met at Sam's new residence in Miami, but the relationship all came to an end abruptly. The fans reacted angrily when Sam's new company denied any credit to Jordana since she was the one who designed and helped out with most things.

Is Jordana still Sam's mother?

Jordana confessed her feelings for Sam on episode 11 of season 5 but let's recapitulate. Apparently, Sam was drinking with random women at their house and allowing them to wear Jordana's bikinis. Sam felt her privacy was being promoted, and she did not appreciate him giving out her clothes to other women.

Jordana was sided with on this one because Sam made uncalled-for remarks behind her back, including calling her "territorial" and a "jealous girlfriend." He apologized later because he noticed that their friendship was hanging by a thread. Most of her followers supported this decision and were proud of her until she admitted that she wasn't interested in girls being around him.

Sam and Jordana met in another awkward situation, and the former was surprised, even stunned, by his 10-year friendship. Even after his mother and friend Mike were supportive, Sam continued to speak up about his desire not to ruin their friendship. She was correct.

The two fans expressed their displeasure at the conclusion of the episode, but it's unclear whether or not Sam was following them through with his actions. For the time being, the fan believed that Sam didn't care enough for her. He's going to be worth the wait.

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