Crossover with Tomb Raider: Clean Croft Manor in PowerWash Simulator

Crossover with Tomb Raider: Clean Croft Manor in PowerWash Simulator ...

The Kärcher is a very useful weapon in the PowerWash simulator. It's also very useful for cleaning dishes. From Tomb Raider, Croft Manor has been combined with Square Enix.

The PowerWash Simulator is one of the more relaxed video game designs in recent history. You can clean houses, driveways, cars, and more. But sometimes it has to be exactly this degree of relaxation. Starting January 31, you'll feel like you're in a "real" video game.

Tomb Raider's Top 10 Games: The Greatest Treasures From 22 Years of Tomb Raider

FuturLab's developers have reached an agreement with Square Enix. The legendary estate of Lara Croft has been incorporated into the PowerWash Simulator. Many rooms and even more dirt you have to remove with your pressure washer

"Developing the Tomb Raider Special Pack has been an honor and a fantastic experience." We can't wait for players to see Croft Manor up close and explore its many mysteries!" says Dan Checker, FuturLab's Lead Designer.

Felix performs the PowerWash simulator.

Felix has examined the PowerWash Simulator's release version and wants to apply what he has learned directly to real life. Is he up to the challenge?

The Tomb Raider creators are equally enthused about the collaboration: "What Tomb Raider fan hasn't explored Croft Manor at some point has thought: 'Winston might really need some help with this property!' says Dallas Dickinson, Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider Franchise General Manager.

Cleaning Lara Croft – Tomb Raider Special Pack Trailer in PowerWash Simulator

Lara Croft's office needs a thorough cleaning? It's possible! The Tomb Raider Special Pack will be released on January 31st and will let you snag Croft Manor.

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