Genshin Impact's Abundance Under the Sand Dunes 2: How to Open the Doors and Find Pu

Genshin Impact's Abundance Under the Sand Dunes 2: How to Open the Doors and Find Pu ...

The fourth quest in the Bilcis Memorial Service chain, Abundance, will require the Traveler to assist Lilupar in regaining his strength and uncovering the secrets of the past. By unraveling the mysteries of the mysterious structures and studying ancient mechanisms, you may unlock the last passage to the Oasis of Eternity.

We will walk you through the steps to obtain a Lilupar fragment in the next chapter. Abundance under the sand dunes: Sublime sand dunes: The Search for Energy Cubes

Beneath the Sand Dunes, how do you get started?

After completion of Abundance Beneath the Sand Dunes 1, the quest will begin immediately. You must go to the location that was mentioned Azarik and talk to him Jecht.

Abundance Under the Sand Dunes 2 in Genshin Impact is a walkthrough.

The guy will offer to enter Ruin Golem using the hand that is nearby. Use four-leaf symbols for easier and faster movement inside the mechanism.

To close the door, collect energy cubes, which may be found at three locations:

The entrance to the room;

Develop Anemo with a personality on the left in a pile of sand.

In a wooden crate, it will fall back into place if an attack occurs.

Place them in a special compartment near the doors so that you may move on.

Once inside, activate the power supply, for which you will need to collect three additional cubes. All of them are located on the middle level of the Golem. The first will be placed near the entrance to the gate nearby. Behind them will be the second.

Take both and go to the next door, repeating the action.

Once all three fragments have been collected, you may go down to the floor below using the pipe in the center and secure them in the pillars around the room's perimeter. The robot system will begin as soon as possible.

Take the elevator to the top floor and exit the cabin to start the mechanism. Azarik and Jecht are already waiting inside the Traveler.

Come to the control panels and activate the Golem of the Ruins, after which the picture with the aiming and shooting modes already familiar from the quests "Afratu's Dilemma" and "Vimana-Agama: Head of Jazari" will display.

Attempting to board a huge automaton will fail, and you will need to check the interior of the machine. After discussing the action plan, it turns out that the issue is in the hand mechanism.

The left hand must be turned on for repair, and the first one is situated just below the cabin entrance.

Insert the knives into the columns on the opposite sides of the "head" and return to the man.

Reconnecting to management strike the rock on the screen to create a passage. After that, you may proceed.

Leave the ancient mechanism through your hand and enter the cave. Use the four-leaf symbols to go long distances faster and make the journey easier.

Continue moving forward until you reach a cliffside. At the bottom of the cave will be a pumpto which you must prepare, and after – start the ancient mechanism nearby.

Continue past the molds with the chest and to the left hand side of the entrance to Mount Damavand. You may open it by activating the cube nearby.

The Traveler will have to find a way further by solving the riddle of the ruins after going inside. The following sequence of actions for this puzzle is

Climb to the second floor and activate the appeared device. Slide mechanismdirect the flow to the second pile of sand and turn off the fan on the wall with the help of a cube. return to the first floor and unlock spark, leading her first to the pedestal, and then to the column. As a reward will appear regular chest.

Go down to the first hall once more and go to the new part of it to set up the second pipeline activation of the mechanism nearby.

You may now interact with the cube near the entrance and use it to open the path further.

The route is clear and you may continue to explore the remains.

A fairy will guide you to the next pipe system if you go deeper into the cave.

Follow the flying assistant into the passage, blow off two piles of sand rune mechanism in the center, and then turn on the device.

Continue running for the Anemo fairy to the room with Primordial constructions. It will also be discovered there A spark which must be escorted to its column at the exit.

The pipeline will restart automatically when you connect it, and you will only need to restart an ancient device to connect it.

After climbing the cave along the pipes, close the old door. On the way, you'll come across a valuable chest with a chess piece called "Boat of Souls."

Along the way, unlock the spark and follow her to another pillar in the center of the hall, opening the way to a tiny oasis with a divine essence Lilupar.

Lilupar, get the second fragment and see the cut-scene.

Open the next door and enter the room with the Cells of Eternal Light.

The Red Sands Plate has to be able to a maximum extent to open it. You can improve it by visiting tombs in the Sumeru desert.

Another A sparkand will be on the left of the pedestal, and you should follow the procedure:

Focus the beam from the Cage of Eternal Light to the left, removing the barrier; interact with Iskra; turn the cage in the opposite direction, preventing the airflow from the fan; once more, activate the spark and follow her until you reach the conclusion.

Move on to the next level when you click on the cube that opens the door.

To reach Mount Damavand's deepest point, you need only descend through a hole in the main hall.

After reaching the site, activate the menacing mechanism at the edge of the cliff and descend to the platform at the bottom of the cave.

The Dendroculus is located above the arena and can be seen with the help of four-leaf symbols. Also nearby are two Anemo fairyguarding Precious Chest.

Active a mechanism in the center of the arena, which forces you to defend yourself against the monsters that appear.

Watch the cut-scene with the opening door, where you should go after, after you've won. Jecht and Azarik are expected to pick the Traveler.

Talk with them about future plans, and when you return to the surface, you'll see them.

This may be accomplished by teleport, or by repeating a conversation with Jacht and remarking the appropriate phrase.

After the player has reached the designated position on the map, the task will come to an end.


A reward will be given as soon as the Traveler completes the quest.

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