[] How do I complete three scenes?

[] How do I complete three scenes? ...

Homecoming in Genshin Impact is the first stage of the Paper Theater, which is part of the Night Harmony of the Strings (the main event in patch 3.4). The player will have to accompany Huan Guang on his difficult journey in order to complete tasks related to the test.

The following is a step-by-step guide to Homecoming: learn how to complete three scenes and move theater sections.

How to Get Started on Homecoming

You must perform the following steps in order to complete the first stage of the test.

Complete the Paper Theater quest (Go To Quest function) by listening to the story at the Li Yue harbor pier.

Move to the north teleportation point of the harbor and go to Ying Gong, the game manager Once the above requirements have been met, initiate a dialogue with the NPC and click on "Ready."

The first stage's objectives:

Complete "Homecoming: Scene 1"; complete "Homecoming: Scene 2"; complete Homecoming: Scene 3

How to Finish All Scenes in Homecoming

The main page of the Paper Theater will pop up after talking with Ying Gong. Point to "Homecoming: Scene 1" and use the function"To begin" to begin the mini-game.

Test Features:

Huan Guang, an actor who starts his performance at a fixed speed, changes his direction if he touches the edges of the paper theater or obstacles. Players Goal – move sections of the theater to assist Huan Guang in his journey.

The jug and the door sections must be replaced for one scene of the Homecoming scene.

Huan Guang will perform the first act of the play without any difficulty on this route.

This time, there is a bug on one of the test sections, which might result in failure. Perform a sequence of the following actions to complete the 2nd scene of the Homecoming:

The trap section and the door section should be replaced.

Wait for the "paper hero" to collide with the jug and end up in the free section.

Swap the entrance area with the open area where Huan Guang steps.

Thanks to this, the main actor in the play will complete the second act in perfect synchrony.

This time, Huan Guang's libre section cannot be moved — she's locked herself in the last act of the performance.

Take into account the following when finishing scene 3 of Homecoming:

Change the trap section for the pitcher section.

Wait until the "paper hero" exits the free zone. After that, replace the jug (and actor) section with the trap section again.

Huan Guang will reach Beauty Yi Bing in total safety and security on this path.

The Brave Bearded Man story's third and last act has come to an end.

The Academy of Sciences is now open for nominations.

The following items will be required for the successful completion of the three goals of the first stage of the Paper Theater.

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