Recap and Ending of Shadow Episode 16: The Eminence

Recap and Ending of Shadow Episode 16: The Eminence ...

Natsume and Alexia discover the unexpected news that Rose has fled to the Royal capital and Oriana Kingdom is internally investigating the situation. Meanwhile, Princess Iris meets King Raphael Oriana and Perv Asshat to discuss the safety arrangements for the Bushin Festival. Cid disguised as Mundane Mann wins the main tournament but will have to defeat Goldy Gilded and Quinton to advance to the main tournament.

Recap of Episode 16 of The Eminence in Shadow

Natsume and Alexia are surprised when they discover that Rose has fled the Royal Capital. However, the Oriana Kingdom has called it an internal matter and has begun an internal investigation. Nothing can save her now from severe punishment. During the Bushin Festival, a mysterious lady looks like one of Cid's close accomplices in the Shadow Garden.

Cid disguised as Mundane Mann continues to defeat one man after another in the tournament, leaving the viewers scratching their heads. Depending on the situation, people think that Iris will win the tournament again. In the meantime, she is preparing to meet King Raphael and Perv Asshat to discuss security arrangements following the attack on the latter.

Shadow's Eminence: Does Cid Makes It to the Main Bushin Festival Tournament?Who Does He Face Next?

So yet, Mundane Mann has enraged many people at the Bushin Festival, yet the audience continues to feel that he is lucky. Annerose Nichtsehen is puzzled by his moves, since she has never seen anyone who has been able to demonstrate something so impressive.

Goldy Gilded has never lost a fight because he is extremely skilled at analyzing his opponents' strengths and weaknesses. It will be a test of his ability to connect to his opponents, according to Annerose.

Goldy leaps forwards and tries to use his sword to decapitate Mundane Mann. At the very last second, Annerose notices that he twisted his neck to escape a life-threatening blow. He is stunned and tries to inquire into Mann how he survived an attack that only gave him a one-in-a-million chance. Finally, Goldy discloses the full scope of his magical abilities.

Mann somehow counterattacks and wins the battle. Annerose explains that his sword was drawn towards Goldy who ran straight into the trap. Quinton ridicules Annerose's analysis and walks away promising to show Mann his place. In the next fight when Mann and Quinton meet each other, the former is easily able to win the battle.

Annerose knows that she will face an experienced opponent in the main tournament. Mann surprises her by removing his massive manica, which leaves cracks on the ground when they fall.

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