What Has Happened to Mitchell Heng in Amy Hooser's Murder?

What Has Happened to Mitchell Heng in Amy Hooser's Murder? ...

When Amy Hooser was discovered murdered at her workplace in Vancouver, Washington, a shocking homicide investigation began. With the help of groundbreaking technology, Investigation Discovery's 'Real Time Crime: Smoke Screen' provides further insight and answers to your questions.

What Was the Reason for Amy Hooser's Death?

Amy Marie Hooser grew up with her three young daughters in Vancouver, Washington. She worked at Oasis Food Mart at Sifton Market, a popular strip mall in the area. Besides, she was a loyal mother to her children.

Amy's children were cruelly deprived of her warm presence when she left for work on the morning of January 15, 2017. The fire department and the cops received an emergency call about a fire at Oasis Food Mart. Upon arrival, they discovered that the entire ceiling of the store, Amy, had collapsed due to the heat.

The firefighters scour the rubble and discovered a 47-year-old mother of three who had been struck on the head four times. She appeared to be alive when the fire started.

Amy Hooser was killed by who?

As the investigators looked for possible causes of the fire, they discovered shoe prints on the store's floor, covered with a blood-like substance. Moreover, they discovered a digital video recorder (DVR) that recorded Amy's surveillance video for the morning of January 15, 2017.

At about 5:20 AM, an unidentified man entered the store wearing a blue flannel shirt, a white shirt, and a blue cap. While Amy entered the store's deli area, the man followed shortly after.

Amy was not seen in the video until about five minutes later. He returned to the front office with a blood-like red stain, but he appeared to have started a fire deliberately. He then attempted opening the store's safe in the corner.

Gradually, smoke began filling the screen, and surveillance footage was switched off at 5:34 AM. According to the investigators, the man who came to the store the morning Amy died was their only probable suspect. Other employees at Sifton Market recognized him as a regular customer.

Mitchell Heng, a resident of the same store as the man described in the surveillance video, was identified by an employee of the store immediately. His social media profiles revealed his previous criminal history for assault in the second degree and disorderly conduct, as well as his residence address.

What happened to Mitchell Heng today?

Mitchell Heng was charged with murder, arson, and robbery in the first degree, but he refused to admit to having murdered Amy. He admitted to having robbed and set fire to the shop, but he also claimed that another man had nabbed him and robbing it.

During his trial in September 2019, Mitchell testified on his own behalf and claimed that a drug dealer named "Zip" had murdered Amy. Albeit, he soon admitted that he had threatened to rob the store.

Mitchell was convicted of murder and arson in the first degree by the jury, based on the contradictory statements in Mitchell's account, surveillance footage, and forensic evidence. He is now 27 and sentenced to 31 years in prison at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla.

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