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Lebanese Protest Against Central Bank

Lebanese Protest Against Central Bank

According to several Lebanese media reports, protests have started in the capital of Lebanon due to the deteriorating economic situation in the country. Dozens of protesters, despite the regime of self-isolation, protested in front of the building of the Lebanese Central Bank.

"We came here to protest against the economic situation in the country, against the situation where our currency is worth nothing. We understand that we are experiencing a coronavirus pandemic, but hunger is much worse than this virus," one of the activists said in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV.

Central Bank Governor Riad Salame was also criticized. the protesters spoke under the slogan "we don't care about the coronavirus, Riad Salame is our pandemic." Crowds lined up in front of the money transfer points. Recall that before this, the country's banks allowed to withdraw currency only in Lebanese pounds, despite the fact that many depositors had all their savings stored in dollars. Citizens were offered cash withdrawals via ATMs, where the dollar exchange rate is 40% lower than the current market rate.

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