With Halo Infinite, Mario Kart will be coming to Xbox and PC in a spectacular fashion

With Halo Infinite, Mario Kart will be coming to Xbox and PC in a spectacular fashion ...

Thanks to Halo Infinite, Mario Kart, a news game, is now available on Xbox and PC in an astounding fashion.

Published on 01/14/2023 at 16:30

Nothing can stop Halo's passionate designers who are inspired by famous games or television series, like Super Mario 64 and Stranger Things, but this week we are taking you around in Bowser's castle with an impressive Mario race Cart.


Bowser invites you to explore the iceLava and its contents.

Bowser invites you to break the ice.

We find ourselves in the days that follow with levels inspired by video games or television works, whether they be from video games or television programs. To name just a few big names, Halo Infinite has brought with them many levels.

With the map "Bowsers Castle Reimagined" created by Themagicalsock and Its_L010, we will focus on Mario Kart for the first time. Despite its impressive visual effects, Bowsers Castle Reimagined is a fantastic game.

Lava and thoughts

The Mario Kart game Bowsers Castle Reimagined allows you to play a Mongoose and then challenge other players in a level inspired by Bowser's Castle from the Mario Kart series. A series of bends forces you to leave some rubber marks on the red carpet while various obstacles stand in your way.

The rest of the race takes place outdoors with a succession of jumps over the lava but also on a hazardous road along a steep hill on which you must avoid rock slides. The circuit concludes with Thwomps trying to overtake the drivers as well as a series of jumps and turns under an awful full moon.

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