Release Date, synopsis, and other information for Big Sky Season 3 Finale

Release Date, synopsis, and other information for Big Sky Season 3 Finale ...

Big Sky is a Montana crime drama thriller series based on the C. J. Box's The Highway series of books, and it was first renewed on September 30, 2021. The second season of the series premiered on September 21, 2022.

The third season, so far, has been quite a tumultuous affair, with private detective Cassie Dewell, undersheriff Jenny Hoty, and newly appointed Beau Arlen putting their heads together to solve the mysteries.

If you've followed these series up until now, you'll know that the real story here is the car wreck outside of Helena, Montana. And as this triumvirate is attempting to unravel the mystery of this car wreck, they unknowingly accept danger along the way.

The two most important mysteries on Sunny Day Excursions are slowly falling into place, similar to how the pieces and pieces work together in a puzzle. However, the end has not come yet and so not all pieces fit into the board. What happens to Paige, Avery, Tonya, and Donna in the end?

Below's all you need to know about the Big Sky Season 3 finale.

The first part of the finale for ABC's hit crime drama on January 11 will be broadcast on ABC at 10/9c.

If you like the show, you would know that the previous seasons of the show spanned 16 to 18 episodes, while season 3 currently airs only 13 episodes. Consequently, season 3 is the show's shortest season to date.

The reason why ABC decided to have a shorter season this year is unreported; however, some critics have favoured this less-spaced format because it allows the season to develop a riveting and tight narrativeline without the need to focus on filler stories.

Take a look at ABC's official summary of the Big Sky Season 3 finale, titled "That Old Feeling."

Jenny and Beau are determined to bring the Bleeding Heart Killer to justice. Sunny makes a tough decision that will forever transform her family.

Since it is the season finale, the 13th episode will reveal the Bleeding Heart Killer case's mysteries, and, as PrecinctTV claims, "the Barnes family will finally face the music."

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