Hunters Season 2: Are there any real Nazis?

Hunters Season 2: Are there any real Nazis? ...

Hunters season 2 is a Prime Video series starring a number of Nazi figures, so we investigate whether or not they are based on actual historical figures. This article contains spoilers.

Hunters, a prime video conspiracy drama series, has returned for a second and final season. This series is a war effort to confront and convict Nazi criminals who fled death or escaped retribution after the war.

Hunters season 2: Are there any real Nazis?

Season two centers on the hunt for the most hated man of all time, the Fuhrer of the Nazi Party himself. He is reluctantly remembered as the dictator who initiated World War II, orchestrated the Holocaust, the massacre of millions of Jews, and many millions of other victims. Although he died on April 30th, 1945, Hitler shot himself in the head.

Hitler's remains were burned, and only his dental bridges were discovered afterward. Despite some eyewitness accounts, a conspiracy theory was quickly established. There were reports that he had fled to Argentina with his wife. Hunters supports this theory in every way.

Eva Braun, also known as The Colonel, is portrayed by Lena Olin. Eva wants to continue Adolf's legacy while learning from his previous mistakes. Adolf is said to have committed suicide alongside Eva in the bunker.

The hunters capture a Nazi financier named Klaus Rhinehart, who is believed to have aided Adolf and Eva Hitler escape Berlin and travel to Argentina. When questioned, Klaus replies, saying he does not know where they are going.

In episode four, "The Fare," the hunters track down two Nazi sympathizers in a small town in Argentina. Georges, Lonny, and Roxy interrogate these criminals inside their antique shop, but they discover no Nazis there, although Josef Mengele, the angel of death, died. He died in Brazil at the age of 67.

Meyer Offerman, played by Al Pacino in the second season, was reduced to flashback scenes after he was killed off in the first season's finale. Meyer was, in fact, the Nazi doctor Wilhelm "The Wolf" Zuchs, who may have influenced Hunters' character in real life.

The following are three new Nazi characters introduced in season two of Hunters, but none of them appear to be inspired or based on real-life people. These include: Rolf von Klaussen, The Crow, and Viktor Frondheim.

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