Samsung Ark: One word It's overkill!

Samsung Ark: One word It's overkill! ...

The first thing I thought when Samsung asked me to try their massive Samsung Ark was "Of course!" The second was "Where will I place this ANIMAL?"

Dealing with the Samsung Ark is basically this: Being amazed by the image quality and the enormous size of the monitor that doubles as a television, while also putting doubt on the table's ability to deal with this setup without major issues.

The Samsung Ark is a product that avoids exaggeration, which is fantastic for those who like it. However, it's also a product that makes some compromises to achieve the same excess.

First, you must grasp what this is. What is the Samsung Odyssey Ark Monitor 4K 55"?

A massive monitor, 55 inches in diameter, capable of receiving 4K and 120Hz, which, at the end of the day, still serves as a television!

Who hasn't dreamed of a 55-inch monitor, with Samsung image quality, on their PC's desk? Is it possible to play F1 22, or Flight Simulator, on this boy? It's almost like you're playing a different version of these games.

Yes, but also no.

Playing on a 55" TV with a screen on, almost always, results in a dull experience. This is why many gaming companies are launching 42" or 43" OLED monitors, as is the case with LG, ASUS, and KTC.

The Ark's uniqueness, as well as its extremely curvature, is its ability to transform a game tool into a very powerful work tool, without ever losing sight of the image quality, 4K resolution, and of course, the 1ms response time.

It's a costly monitor, and it's quite expensive. It's an offer for a niche market that only wants the best.

Size: 55 inches Maximum Resolution: 4K (80ppi) Frame Update: 165Hz VA com Backlight MiniLED (1056 zonas) Aspect Type: 1000R Maximum Brightness: 1000 nits HDR 10+ VESA Stand 200*200 Included The stand supports 90o rotation, two USB 2.0 inputs, one USB-B input, Ex-Link, Optical Audio, 3.5mm, Bluetooth 5.2, and WiFi 5 Weight: 21 kg just the monitor

The Samsung Ark is a massive display, and for this very reason, the user experience isn't exactly 'normal.' In reality, it's like we're being swallowed by a tsunami of pixels.

It's a monitor that I've never seen before, which allows you to concentrate much more on what's happening in front of you.

The display is a massive screen, curved, and has a base that allows you to play some games. The bezels are thin, but they are not too thick either.

The only thing that I dislike about the Ark is its assembly and initial configuration. It's huge, and it's heavy (very heavy indeed). Purchasing it individually is not a one-person endeavor. Get a trusted pal or family member if you want it.

The Ark's design isn't even the monitor itself; it's the Samsung One Connect Box, which will connect to a monitor via a single cable.

This is an interesting point, and it is important, because who wants to transport a 4050kg monitor around every time you need to connect a cable?

In addition to Samsung's intelligent command, we also have this tiny rotating panel, which allows us to access other useful features within the product's operating system. Interestingly, none of these tools require batteries or batteries to operate.

This isn't a software for everyone, and it's also a launch that resembles Samsung's testing. However, it's undoubtedly something quite interesting that can take your setup to another level.

There are several minor flaws, such as DisplayPort or USB-C inputs in the box. Possibility of having more than two inputs at the same time.

Despite your concentration on playing, Pah... It's amazing.

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