Former Dragon Nest developers give MORPG Project D info

Former Dragon Nest developers give MORPG Project D info ...

Hound13 Studio, a game developed by former Dragon Nest workers, first released a new game at the end of December last year. The authors have now revealed further details about this project and discussed Project M, a future team game. The foreign portal has provided a summary of all of the basic information.

Despite the Dragon Sword inscription at the end of the last trailer, Project D and Project M are being developed for PC and consoles (single player). This will allow teams to collaborate on concepts that were previously absent from Hundred Soul.

With realistic rendering elements, giant monsters will appear intimidating and highlight their presence with lighting. These are some of the most well-known aspects of Project D. As for the characters, the players will have to collect unique creatures and form teams with them in different situations and locations.

The team is aware of the community's displeasure at the release of Project D on mobile devices, but they are confident that the game will be excellent on both PC and mobile platforms. The PC version will be made taking into account Hundred Soul's development methods. Additional information will be released in the near future.

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