For a limited time, the Play Store has 16 free Android apps and games

For a limited time, the Play Store has 16 free Android apps and games ...

The Google Play Store is packed with excellent Android applications and games, although the best ones are usually paid, that is, premium. However, some companies may post their free apps, if they can find them within the timeframe.

Below, we discuss various Android apps and games, as well as some personalization apps to give your phone a makeover. All content used to be paid for, but it's now free for a limited time, so don't waste time.

It is important to remember that all content is available on the official Android store, the Google Play Store, which has been verified and protected by the Play Protect platform, so you may install it with greater confidence.

Android Apps that are useful and free

Pro home workouts – cost €1.89 All TV screen mirroring Pro – it cost €12.99 SnipBack – Sma Voice Recorder – it cost €2.99 Manual Camera: DSLR Camera Pro – cost €4.49

First, we have a small assortment of general utility applications. These are, above all, work and productivity tools, with an emphasis on the sound equalizers, each with its uniqueness and all free.

Premium android games are now available for download.

RUSTY : Island Survival Pro – cost €1.29 Chicken Tournament – cost €1.50 Defense Zone 2 HD – cost €2.69 Dungeon Princess – RPG – cost €5.99 BUMGINEER Clicker RPG – cost €0.59 Brain Game – Find5x – cost €1.39

Second, we have a long list of premium games that are now available for free on your phone. We have one of the finest paid (but now free) shooting and run defense games, as well as several RPG games and even puzzle games.

Customization packs that are temporarily free are available now.

Cost €1.49 Wamo – Icon Pack – cost €0.79 Constellations TV wallpaper – cost €1.49 Win Circle – Icon Pack – cost €1.49 Light Yellow – Icon Pack – cost €1.19

Third place, there are applications for personalizing our tablet and/or Android smartphone. They are simple applications that permit us to modify the overall appearance of the icons in the applications installed on our mobile device.

Lastly, note that after the promotional period, these applications will be paid again.

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