Touched! im Klassik-Test (DS)

Touched! im Klassik-Test (DS) ...

Wario Ware Touched Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo Genre: Dexterity Tested for: DSUSK: Released in: 4/2005

WarioWare-Episode with the subtitle Touched: A shocking 180 attractions for the Nintendo Switch.

Only the built-in microphone and the touchscreen are used here in these short tasks, as well as teasing bonus gimmicks such as a ping-pong game that can be played in pairs on a DS.

Ulrich Steppberger says: Anyone who likes quirky games will love the new WarioWare happy again: Nintendo did not dare to do any big experiments apart from the formula for success, which is why the mixture works again. This is less important because to the short duration of each discipline and the wide scope, but it is due to the inventive use of all things. This allows the individual tasks to be organized into individual categories and are also simpler.

MultiplayerChartSound for one player81

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