In this video, we see the possibility of an Apple iPhone 15 Pro Ultra for 2023

In this video, we see the possibility of an Apple iPhone 15 Pro Ultra for 2023 ...

If nothing else prevents the next major Apple mobile phone launch in September 2023, we will be able to see the most powerful Apple iPhone ever, either the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max or the iPhone 15 Pro Ultra.

The exact terminology isn't known, but it's possible that the Cupertino technology company will employ the same algorithm as in 2022 for the next generation of its smartwatch. Thus, like the Apple Watch Ultra, we might also have an iPhone 15 Ultra or iPhone 15 Pro Ultra.

Rumors claim a (even) higher-quality iPhone 15 version.

Mere possibilities that enthuse Cupertino tech enthusiasts, like designer António De Rosa, who is responsible for the YouTube channel and design studio ADR Studios, right now. These are some of the first conceptual sketches of the expected high-end iPhone that will be released at the end of the summer.

While a digital representation, commonly known as a render, is based on published photographs, schematics, characteristics, and other information about a proposed device, the same applies to the concepts. As the name implies, these are simply concepts, hypotheses transmuted from theory to paper, or in this case to the screen.

A piece of pure conceptual work, not based on a real iPhone model.

The creator of this video clarified the reason for his approach to the Cult of Mac publication, stating, "This video is not a complete biography."

"The role of a conceptual designer isn't to depict rumors or translate words into a visual reference. Sometimes thinking outside the box is liberating", says the artist.

Could the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Ultra (or Max) look like this?

The video highlights the new periscope optics, clearly visible at the rear, as well as a larger main sensor, which represents a significant shift in the usual Apple iPhone design and layout.

Despite the fact, this is a hypothetical situation, and I doubt it will be reflected in a real model that will be launched by the Cupertino behemoth in September. However, if the company develops an Ultra model, all possibilities are open.

The Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch started off with the same form, the same foundation as other Apple watches. However, it reinforced certain design elements that serve a practical purpose, with the appearance of the product being tailored to fulfill the requirements it is aiming to fulfill.

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