Skull & Bones' signs of life: New material from the game causes worry

Skull & Bones' signs of life: New material from the game causes worry ...

Skull & Bones has been dubbed a "stupid game" in recent months due to its tense development history. Recently, however, Ubisoft Singapore showed us a new sign of life.

Do you need new material or new energy?

Despite the new gameplay footage, it doesn't appear to be particularly impressive to viewers or the press. Insider gaming uses the stream as an example as a negative example. Instead of actively looting a village yourself, you simply press a button as soon as you are near a port or a beach.

The website's negative reactions include a bleak open world or an uninteresting combat system. Here, too, the content presented was not necessarily convincing and was described as uninspired and straightforward. So the question becomes whether or not the Ubisoft title must be prepared for similar reactions when it is released.

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PC games enthusiasts are also familiar with this genre of game.

The postponement of Skull and Bones, a pirate game, was just the tip of the iceberg. Timeless classics fade, leaving Ubisoft in jeopardy.

The release of Ubisoft's upcoming pirate game Skull and Bones has been postponed once more until the start of fiscal year 2023-24.

More Ubisoft news

A company that has been repeatedly confronted with complaints of harassment and discrimination in recent years has recently canceled many games. There were also reports and speculations about the Star Wars game, which the company is currently working on.

Gamingbolt, Youtube (Ubisoft), and Insider-Gaming are all on the rise.

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