Season 2 trailer for The Hornets by Elijah Wood

Season 2 trailer for The Hornets by Elijah Wood ...

The first teaser for The Hornets' second season has been released by Showtime.

Nat (Juliette Lewis) is in therapy when she is asked to remember the tragic event of the plane crash. Nat replies that everything she sees is "Darkness."

Walter, Elijah Wood's new character, is introduced in the teaser. "Your friendships are a little more complicated than most," says the author. Walter is a "civilian detective" who will investigate a problem along with Misty.

The Emmy-nominated series alternates two timelines: in 1996, a high school girls' football team from New Jersey is on its way to the national championships in the Canadian desert, and in 2021, the survivors are still trying to live normal lives while the horrific events of 25 years ago continue to haunt them.

Showtime will broadcast the second season of the Yellowjackets on March 24.

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