The cover story for the PC games from 02/23 will be published in 2023

The cover story for the PC games from 02/23 will be published in 2023 ...

The last issue of Skull and Bones was published before Christmas, bringing with it a lot of potential game highlights, as well as one or the other disappointment. This year, the magazine will be postponed for the first time:

We also take a close look at Forspoken, which we were permitted to play in full just before its release. Other highlights include our top ten PC games for the year 2022 or a look at Grand Theft Auto's 25th anniversary this month.

Cover story: The PC will be released in 2023Full version: Iris and the Giant (digital, only included in the extended version of the PC games)Current: The PC will be released in 2023 Forspoken TeamTests: Chained Echoes Somerville Buying guide with the best PC games for each genre Specials, reports, and extended part: Top 10: The Best PC Games 2022 25 Years of Grand Theft

The whole PC Games team wishes you a lot of fun with this edition!

From January 18, you may get the new PC Games 02/23... at your local store – either in a magazine version for 6.50 euros or as a particularly lavish extended version with 16 additional pages, two DVDs, and a digital full version.

If you don't want to wait that long, visit the PC games online shop — simply send the new issue to your house or subscribe now and receive a valuable bonus!

The new PC games are now available in digital form! From now on, your favorite magazine will accompany you wherever you go, whether on a tablet, smartphone, Kindle Fire, or in the browser.

On, for all common browsers, in the iTunes store, on Amazon for Kindle Fire, and in the Google Play store, register once! This article will give you an overview of all digital PC games variations, as well as a helpful glossary of things to keep in mind when registering!

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