The 65-inch LG G2 4K TV, the star of OLED TVs, is reduced by 700 dollars in sales in 2023

The 65-inch LG G2 4K TV, the star of OLED TVs, is reduced by 700 dollars in sales in 2023 ...

News good deal Sales in 2023: the 65-inch LG G2 4K TV, the leading brand in OLED televisions, has reduced its price by €700.

Published on 01/14/2023 at 09:00

LG, the most prolific OLED TV manufacturer on the market, holds a solid position through its panel manufacturing operations. What should be noted is the astonishing 700€ reduction during the Sales on the LG G2.

LG's 65-inch OLED G2 TV at Darty has been reduced by €700 in sales.

LG has gone all out with its OLED G2 TV, which has received the honor of having its most powerful processor to date for upscaling, OS fluidity, and image processing. This allows you to watch old content in 4K quality without making any concessions.

The prices offered when a new model is introduced are quite high, as is often the case with OLED. This 65-inch LG G2 is usually offered for 2799€, although it is not particularly popular in 2023.

Darty exploits these opportunities to offer you a €700 discount on this LG TV for the price of 2099€.

Darty discount price: €2,299 Price after LG cashback offer of €200: €2,099

Darty has a 65-inch 4K G2 for €2,099 on the market.

Sales for 2023 are expected to be high, making this a great TV for movie enthusiasts and enthusiasts.

LG has maintained a strong position on the OLED market, as we previously stated. The company must constantly improve products in order to face the assault of its competitors.

The LG G2 4K OLED TV is equipped with a home interface that aims to simplify your life. However, the TV is also compatible with Miracast and Airplay 2. The Google Assistant is also included in the game, so you should have everything you need no matter what.

A gaming console with four HDMI 2.1 120 Hz ports will allow you to connect your games at 4K and 120 fps, especially since it supports NVIDIA G-Sync and ALLM. Perfect for PS5 gameplay!

The LG G2 enjoys Dolby Atmos rendering and virtualizes sound in 7.1.2 rendering to add total immersion.

At Darty, you can get the 65-inch 4K G2 for €2,099.

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