Apple is preparing to follow Samsung's lead with the Apple Watch

Apple is preparing to follow Samsung's lead with the Apple Watch ...

Samsung is planning to integrate microLED screens into its smart watches, as we have already stated. Apple should follow this up, although it might take a little longer to do it.

Ross Young, a screen expert, has developed a paper that explains why the Apple Watch will also include microLED screens, although Samsung will not provide them.

LGD is working on a small line for microLED backplanes for the Apple Watch, which will only be released in '25. Apple will not complete the entire process.

Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) is the host of the January 13th of 2023.

Apple will pay LG for microLED panels that may be used on the Apple Watch in the future.

LG is working on a small microLED panel manufacturing process. The reason for this is the likelihood that Apple Watch will be converted to this type of screen.

According to Ross Young, Apple would purchase LG's LCD screens. There are rumors that Samsung might continue to be the primary supplier of screens for the Apple Watch.

Young states that the manufacturing of these panels will only begin in the second half of 2024, and that the first Apple Watch Ultra with this technology should only be released in 2025.

Samsung is already working on these components, according to the timetable. Moreover, the company intends to begin mass production by the end of 2023.

Samsung might be the first technology company to market smart watches with microLED screens if all this is confirmed. This device may be introduced in 2024, while the first Apple Watch similar should only be available in 2025.

Mark Gurman's statement states that Apple wants to rely less and less on Samsung and LG. However, Ross Young cautions that it will not be able to do all the work on its own, and will have to pass the bulk of the work onto one of the Korean companies.

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