Donna DErrico Teases a Reunion With OG Baywatch: Never Say Never (Exclusive)

Donna DErrico Teases a Reunion With OG Baywatch: Never Say Never (Exclusive) ...

Donna D'Errico said she would only want to participate in if the Baywatch reboot was as good as Cobra Kai, the popular Netflix television series that followed The Karate Kid film franchise. "It's not a good idea to say never," she said in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife. The only exception to the rule is Cobra Kai, which is amazing.

Donna, 54, who starred in the long-running program for two seasons, between 1996 and 1998, moved to Los Angeles from Georgia for the first time in a decade, and just three months later she married Mötley Crü rocker Nikki Sixx, 64. Their union lasted a decade, and during their time together Donna regrets giving herself advice.

Donna and Nikki had three children at the time, including sons Gunner, 31, and Decker, 27, and daughter Storm, 28, who he shares with ex-wife Brandi Brandt, 54. Together the former couple had a daughter Frankie, 22, who is now a professional jewelry designer, and Donna "put her career on the back burner" focusing on becoming a full-time mom.

Donna has been steadily improving her career since her 2007 divorce. She recently starred in the 2022 crime thriller Frank and Penelope, because it was something unexpected. "I really enjoy playing the villain, because she was just not attractive, just a very cold blooded, horrible person."

The former Playboy model admits that she's fine remaining exactly as she is with her personal life: happily single. "You don't see that in the beginning, or I didn't," she says. "I'd just rather be single."

Part of her now-comfy life is her sensational success as one of the many celebrity creators on OnlyFans, a site she says she joined as a response to the haters telling her she shouldn't be wearing bikinis anymore. "Now not that I'm on there, I'm having a ball and making fantastic money."

”I’ve stayed on there because it became a second business,” says the actress. “Unlike a lot of celebrities on there who have agencies that run their accounts and hired chatters to impersonate them in the chats, it's me on there. I can post the stuff that I'm selling on there, on Instagram.”

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