7 Signs your best friend is in love

7 Signs your best friend is in love ...

Love is one of the most amazing feelings that a person can ever have. Imagine having a trusted companion who always believes you over everything and everyone else is pure bliss. We all know that being in love with your best friend is wonderful. If you have already begun thinking about your best friend at this point, then this is your sign that you are.

Do you ever hear Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" on repeat and think about how your best friend is the perfect person for you and how you might live your life if they did the same? Yes, of course. But proceed with caution when it comes to such feelings.

Compliments from friends and family are nice, but if a minor compliment from your best friend lasts you for the rest of the day, you're totally interested in them. When they compliment you informally like "hey, you did a fantastic job" or "you look nice today," your heart bursts with joy, and singing the song "Love story" on the top of the mountain sounds like a plan.

This one is certainly a sign of interest, but it isn't the healthiest. You keep a log of how they respond to any interactions with new acquaintances, and if they're planning to pursue them romantically. If they're just sitting there smiling externally, but your face is lit with jealousy and sadness, then you're absolutely in love with them.

Do you ever find yourself going above and beyond for someone you care about or blushing and feeling proud that you did it? It's wonderful to love with such passion but make sure they're returning the feeling in the long run.

Even when you're surrounded by tens of thousands of people, you crave their company the most. When you find it difficult to stay separated from your best friend, you may be falling in love with them. Their presence soothes you even in the most difficult situations and you want to be with them as much as possible.

When you talk to your friends or colleagues, always include your best friend into the conversation because you are totally obsessed with your best friend. He/She is the most important and interesting person for you and you cannot stop talking about them 24 hours a day, every day.

Every urge of yours is urging you to call/text them whenever you can. You want your day to kick off with a good morning message from them and a good night and those adorable heart emojis from your best friend.

When you fall in love with your best friend, there is a great deal at risk. If you are lucky, you may find your happily ever after, but how to deal with it is the major challenge. I encourage you not to hold back from thinking about judgements and stakes.

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