Metabo tools are now 50% off: 18V battery, impact wrench, chop saw, and angle grinder for a fraction of the price

Metabo tools are now 50% off: 18V battery, impact wrench, chop saw, and angle grinder for a fraction ...

No wonder why German craftsmen are increasingly ordering Bosch Professional and Makita online. Do-it-yourself is the norm, as well as some expensive accessories such as the Metabo miter saw. Here, for example, you will find some great discounts on Amazon for circular saws (up to -51%) and angle grinders.

Metabo is a traditional German manufacturer of crosscut saws, cordless screwdrivers, angle grinders, and an 18V battery.

Bosch (Professional), Makita, and Einhell are well-known among online retailers, but Metabo isn't as well-known among online shops as Amazon. As a rule, other quality standards apply here, which is why the tool — whether it is a cordless screwdriver, angle grinder, chop saw, or drill – is not dirt cheap. According to Metabo, the medium-sized enterprises also produce in Shanghai.

Metabo's 18-volt battery is suitable for chop saws and cordless screwdrivers from all manufacturers.

The Bosch 18V battery or Makita competitor batteries are well-known among professionals. Metabo devices such as the angle grinder and the cordless screwdriver are also included in the "Cordless Alliance System", which guarantees 100 percent compatibility for over 300 machines in the 18-volt class since 2009.

Battery pack LiHD 18 V – 4.0 Ah 69.95 €Basic set 2 x LiHD 4.0 Ah SE battery 18V with charger 162.99 € (-9%)Battery pack 18 V, 5.2 Ah, Li-Power, “AIR COOLED” 74.89 €Basic set 2 x 4.0 Ah battery 18 V with charger 144 €.62 (-10%)Charger ASC 55, 12-36 V, AIR Cooled, 627044000, 36 V €37.95

Amazon has a Metabo cordless screwdriver (drill, impact wrench, impact drill) for less money.

The Metabo cordless drill/driver BS 18 LT BL Q, which is expected to cost 321 euros and is currently being sold for half, is particularly inexpensive. Charger, battery, and other essential equipment are also included.

Cordless drill BS 18 LT 300 BL cordless impact wrench 18 V without battery €159.28 (-14%)Power Maxx BS Quick Basic cordless drill 112.99 € (-47%)Cordless drill, small 10.8V, 2x 2Ah batteries, charger, box, 64 pieces.

Up to 44% off the Metabo angle grinder with battery or cable

Metabo is a generalist among tool manufacturers, selling a wide range of items, from cordless screwdrivers to chop saws and jigsaws to classic drills. Amazon is currently offering significant discounts in this tool category.

Cordless angle grinder WB18LTXBL125 25.5 Ah, drawer, box, 125 mm, 6,600 rpm €591.54 (-14%)Angle grinder WEV 850-115 1,100 watts, : 125 mm, 12,000 rpm €71.49 (-39%)Angle grinder WEV 850-125 1,700 watts, : 125 mm €179.49 (-39%)Angle grinder WEV 850-

Metabo cordless saws and corded saws: miter saw, jigsaw, circular saw, and saber saw

Metabo saws are now priced at Amazon for up to 50 percent off. Mitersaws, which you don't even use from a standing start, are no longer powered by the Metabo 18V battery, although they are still used by many craftsmen who work from a comfortable but somewhat dangerous position.

Cordless saber saw ASE 18 LTX 2700 /min, saw blade stroke: 30 mm €157.58 (-33%)Cordless hand-held circular saw KS 18 LTX 57 with MetaLoc case 195.99 €Hand-held circular saw KS 55 FS 1,200 W Cutting depth wood: 55 mm €98.99 (-29%)Cross-cut saw KGSV 72 Xact SYM set with machine stand KSU 251

Bosch Professional battery 18V 47% lower – Huge discounts on cordless screwdrivers, drills, angle grinders, and power tools

On Amazon, you can get Metabo cordless lamps, impact drills, and accessories for up to 34% less.

There are of course many other tools that tool buyers do not immediately recognize. Among them, a multipurpose vacuum cleaner for commercial use, a garden pump, and bit sets, for a 36% discount.

Impact drill SBEV 1300-2 1300W/44 Nm/0 – 3100 rpm €202.30 (-36%)All-purpose vacuum cleaner ASR 25 L SC €334.70 (-34%)Bit box SP 32 pieces (socket adapter, quick-change bit holder, bit set) €9.80 (-3%)SLA 14.4-18 LED 18 V cordless torch €46.99 (-29%)Universal battery -Hand lamp ULA 14.4-18 LED, 18

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Metabo 18V battery, chopsaw, cordless screwdriver, and other items are all on our Daily Deals.

In the Daily Deals, there are a slew of excellent deals for PC, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo players, such as 18V cordless screwdrivers, chop saws, and angle grinders. These include graphics card, mainboard, gaming monitor, gaming mouse, gaming chair, television, gaming highlights, and other items for PC, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo players from Amazon, Media Markt, and Co.

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