Chainsaw Man's anime has ten seasons

Chainsaw Man's anime has ten seasons ...

Chainsaw Man, an anime sequel, has gotten great reviews on many websites. The fun does not dissipate, and the amount of loyal fans of the game is only increasing.

The first season of the anime has been released, covering the first four arcs of the Public Safety Saga: the opening arc, the confrontation with katana man with the demon of eternity. In the final, we were pleased with a little hint of the beginning of the arc Bomb Girls Rese.

The first part of the title covered entirely 4 volumes original and partially 5. The adaptation of the manga was halted at 38 chapters, splitting it in half, and the continuation is planned to begin from the second half of this part. Power will have a comedic moment with Denji's date with Makima, and after — an arc with a hybrid of the demon-bomb Reze.

The second season of Public Safety Sagas has not been officially announced, but the high popularity of the title gives good reasons for its release. The series is expected to include all of Reze's remaining tracks, which will last about 24 episodes.

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