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The Leader Of The Opposition In Lebanon Accused The Government Of Planning To Carry Out A Coup

The Leader Of The Opposition In Lebanon Accused The Government Of Planning To Carry Out A Coup

Saad Hariri, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon and head of the Sunni al-Mustaqbal movement, accused the government of Hassan Diab of planning a coup on Friday.

"The ruling Cabinet is acting in favor of those political forces that want to destroy the liberal economic system in Lebanon," the politician said, quoted by the LBC television station.

Hariri returned to Beirut last week, with the return of the opposition leader linked to the resumption of anti-government protests in the capital and other cities. The former Prime Minister, who was forced to resign himself on October 29 last year amid a wave of mass protests that engulfed Lebanon, has now made accusations against his successor. He claimed that Diba and his team "did not develop a timely program of anti-crisis measures and are therefore guilty of financial default."

Hariri's statement followed a fall of more than half in the exchange rate of the national currency, which shocked the population and paralyzed the financial market. By Friday, the value of one dollar in exchange offices reached 3,625 Lebanese pounds.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab called on Friday for a response from the Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salame, and asked him to explain to the people the reason for the unprecedented collapse of the national currency. He also announced the development of a bill that will return more than $5 billion taken out of the country since the beginning of the year.

The aggravation of the internal political crisis in Lebanon is taking place in the context of emergency sanitary and epidemiological measures taken by the authorities to counter the spread of the coronavirus. On Friday, the Cabinet extended the self-isolation regime introduced on March 15 until May 10. As the Prime Minister explained, this was done before the threat of a second wave of coronavirus infection.

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