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The US Justice Department Intends To Appeal The Court's Decision On The Closed Materials Of The Mueller Report

The US Justice Department Intends To Appeal The Court's Decision On The Closed Materials Of The Mueller Report

The US Department of Justice intends to appeal the decision of the court of appeals of the capital district of Columbia, which allowed congressmen-Democrats to get access to closed materials from the report of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller on interference in the US election process in 2016. This was reported on Friday by CNN, citing court documents.

In its petition, the Ministry of justice asks the capital's court of appeal to postpone the decision's entry into force while the Agency prepares an appeal to the Supreme court in this case.

The Washington appeals court in March ordered the justice Department to provide congressional Democrats with classified information from the Mueller report. We are talking about confidential information about jury sessions, which was previously demanded by the head of The house of representatives 'legal Committee, Jerrold Nadler (Democrat from New York) in connection with the lawmakers' investigation of the country's President, Donald Trump.

Disclosure of such information, according to American law, is possible only in special cases. But lawyers for the Justice Department insisted that these exceptions do not apply to the impeachment process of the President. Democrats, in turn, referred to a precedent when similar information was disclosed during the investigation of President Richard Nixon.

Lawmakers filed a lawsuit on this issue before the official start of the impeachment process of Trump on charges of trying to put pressure on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to encourage Kyiv to assist the head of the Washington administration to be re-elected for a second term in 2020. Before that, Democrats focused their attention on allegations of attempts by the head of the White House to obstruct the Mueller investigation. It was to support these accusations that they needed the closed materials of the report.

Interference in the American election process in 2016, the US Intelligence Services incriminates Russia. US Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has been investigating these alleged influence attempts for almost two years. In particular, he investigated alleged collusion between the Russian authorities and the Republican Trump. In the end, Mueller admitted that there was no collusion. Trump has repeatedly denied suspicions of any improper contacts with Russian officials during the election campaign. Moscow has also repeatedly rejected conclusions about attempts to influence the course of the US election.

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