Snoop Dogg sold a $10K Blunt for charity

Snoop Dogg sold a $10K Blunt for charity ...

Snoop Dogg is well-known for his passion for marijuana as much as his music. In the past, the West Coast legend did something quite unusual at a charity auction. Seth Rogen revealed how the rapper managed to auction off his blunt for Alzheimer's.

The actor and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen spoke with Variety about the time Snoop Dogg raised five figures for a charity. Back in 2016, he sold a blunt for $10,000 at an Alzheimer's Charity Auction.

Snoop Dogg is recognized as one of the most prominent cannabis advocates in the entertainment industry. Snoop has long been open about marijuana's medicinal and recreational benefits.

Snoop made headlines earlier this year when he was caught lighting up before his halftime performance at Super Bowl LVI in his hometown of Los Angeles. He was captured by untelevised production cameras, and at this point, Snoop has become synonymous with this behavior.

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