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Facebook Will Allow Users To Communicate In Video Conferences

Facebook Will Allow Users To Communicate In Video Conferences

Facebook has introduced a new product, Messenger Rooms, designed for group video calls.

Rooms allow you to arrange video calls with up to 50 people without time limits.

You can create a video conference using your Messenger or Facebook account. Anyone who has an invitation can log in to the video conference. You can log in and out of the conference at any time while it is in progress. The video call organizer can restrict access to it or remove other users from it.

The BBC was told on Facebook that because of the coronavirus, Messenger Rooms was introduced earlier than planned.

The company itself did not say when exactly the Messenger Rooms feature will be available to all users, which may take several weeks.

Facebook has noted an increase in demand for video calls in its WhatsApp and Messenger apps. For example, more than 700 million users of these messengers participate in video calls every many countries, the number of video calls has recently doubled.

The media compare the new Facebook product to the Zoom video service, which has gained significant popularity at a time when many are forced to self-isolate. In April, the number of active users of Zoom, designed for group video conferences, reached 300 million per day.

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