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The Government Of Belgium Announced The Start Date Of The Release From Isolation

The Government Of Belgium Announced The Start Date Of The Release From Isolation

Belgium will begin phasing out isolation measures taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic from May 4, Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Vilmes said after a meeting of the National security Council on Friday evening.

She stressed that the accepted dates are not final, because the plan is based on hypotheses and forecasts. Its implementation depends on the development of the epidemic.

Vilmes explained the requirements for the phase-out period and the phase-out phase of this operation.

Throughout its continuation, restrictions on contacts between people remain, while maintaining social distance. Personal hygiene must be strictly observed. If symptoms occur, you should stay at home and call a doctor. It is recommended to wear hygiene masks even though they are considered insufficient protection. Masks will be mandatory for all persons over the age of 12 on public transport starting on May 4.

The government guarantees that every citizen will receive two mask filters free of charge. The Internet will post instructions for making masks, which must be erased after each use.

The exit plan consists of three phases:

First phase:

- Remote work where possible. Restaurants and cafes remain closed. It was decided to open stores selling fabrics on April 29, taking into account the need for material for making masks. Start: May 4.

– All types of stores will be opened "without discrimination on the size of the area or the profile of trade." Restaurants and cafes will still be closed. Start: May 11.

Second phase:

- Opening of museums, permission for private companies in the place of residence, outdoor activities, including sports for more than two persons together, while observing the "safety distance" between them. Gradually, classes will be resumed in educational institutions. This will not affect all students at once. Hairdressers will be able to open. Start: May 18.

The third phase:

– "Potential of a gradual opening of restaurants." Cafes and bars will open later. The time of the reopening of cinemas should also be specified. Start no earlier than June 8.

The issue of travel abroad has yet to be studied. The decision on organizing summer camps for young people will be made at the end of May.

Mass events, such as various kinds of festivals, will remain completely banned until August 31. As for small-scale events, in each case, the Federal government will consider the situation together with the local one.

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