Where Are They Now? Oogiebear Shark Tank Update: Where Are They?

'Shark Tank' is a popular reality series that focuses on a few key individuals, more commonly known as sharks, who are looking to invest in new business concepts. Entrepreneurs from across the United States have the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of the financial giants over the years.

Sina and Nina Farzin, who pitched their business Oogiebear, which sells baby booger pickers, have enthused many people about the organization and its product. We have your back!

Who Are These Oogiebears and What Do They Do?

Sina and Nina Farzin of Maryland formed the business when their youngest child, Ariana, was just a toddler. Nina was surprised that there were no safe and healthy alternatives available to help keep her child's nose clean, leading to good breathing habits. Sina Farzin is also a medical professional who specializes in sinuses, oral cavities, and airways.

The Farzins never imagined they would enter the business world, but their desire to assist others led them to the creation of Oogiebear, an original booger removal tool that helps keep the nostrils clean and safely removes all kinds of boogers from the nasal cavities. The product aims to speed up child's nose cleaning and alleviate any concerns caused by blocked airways.

The bigger removal tool is both visually appealing and functional. Its bright color is meant to make it stand out. The company's trademark bear head at the end of every Oogiebear tool increases the cuteness factor, but also makes sure that it does not go too far into a baby's nose. The idea started with the discomfort of the Farzn children, but today it aims to assist other babies breathe better.

Where Are They Now?Oogiebear: Where Are They?

Oogiebear is expanding and aims to expand its baby care offerings. They have already started selling toothing ear cleaners, toothbrushes, aspirators, nose balms, chest rubs, and other products. LED lights have also been included in some of the products to help parents see better.

Oogiebear products are available at Target, Buy Buy Baby, Nordstrom, Walmart, and Amazon right now. Given their recent appearance on Shark Tank, the company is expected to see rapid growth in the up[coming time.] We wish them the very best and look forward to continuing to grow.

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