At Rec Con, Rec Room has announced a new Studio creator tool

At Rec Con, Rec Room has announced a new Studio creator tool ...

Today was the first day of Rec Room's annual conference, Rec Con. The company discussed its most recent features for Rec Room users, as well as future plans. The con will continue through the 25th with several events, panels, and special rooms.

Rec Room's CCO and co-founder Cameron Brown unveiled Rec Room Studio in his opening remarks. This new Unity-based feature will provide new tools to artists.

The company has also announced other products, such as Rec Room's standalone PC client. A new Rec Room Original is developing, a 4v1 monster escape scenario with four people against a player-controlled monster. It's also developing a virtual haunted house to commemorate Halloween, the first of its kind to be acknowledged by the Haunt Society.

Studio with Rec Room

Rec Room Studio, the company's biggest announcement, provides new room creators with new creation tools and the Unity Editor. According to Rec Room, creators will have access to features such as importing assets, the Unity Terrain Editor, custom sounds, and more.

Brown told GamesBeat that integrating Rec Room Studio into the game does several things. It allows our artists to master a variety of professional game development tools, including Unity, Blender, Photoshop, and others. We believe it provides our artists an opportunity to gain valuable experience with an industry standard tool. And, of course, it increases the fidelity and complexity of Rec Room rooms for all of our players.

The Future of the Rec Room

Rec Room has revealed some of its greatest achievements during its life: in fact, it has accumulated over 82 million monthly active users in six years. It also paid $1 million to artists in the first half of 2022.

Brown said, "It's really important to us that artists receive recognition for their efforts." That's three things: first, it's got to be enjoyable to create in Rec Room!" Secondly, any artist wants an audience for their works; we're also looking at our various discovery tools.

'We've been really pleased with our payout program, in which our creators can cash out the tokens they earn,' says the creator. 'We've seen a huge increase in that program over the last year, and it's something we'd like to continue to grow.'

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