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Trump And Pence Announced Positive Trends In The Fight Against Coronavirus In The United States

Trump And Pence Announced Positive Trends In The Fight Against Coronavirus In The United States

Us Vice President Mike Pence on Friday said that the situation with the spread of COVID-19 in the country as a whole is encouraging, despite that an increase in the number of diseases is expected.

"We are seeing very positive trends in terms of the number of hospitalizations, patient admissions to intensive care units," Pence said at a White House news conference.

He noted that"as of this morning, 5.1 million Americans have already been tested for coronavirus."

Pence explained that it is due to the increase in the number of tests that data on the number of infected people will continue to grow.

"As the number of tests for infection with coronavirus increases, the number of cases of detection of the disease, of course, will also increase. But people should not lose heart because of these indicators," the Vice President added.

In turn, US President Donald Trump also noted positive trends in the fight against COVID-19. In particular, he pointed out that an increasing percentage of tests give a negative result. "For example, last week, about 38% of tests in new York gave a positive result. And this week – 28%. The number of new cases of the disease has decreased by 50% during this period, and the number of deaths-by 40%, " he said.

Trump also said that the US is actively helping other countries cope with coronavirus infection. In particular, Washington sends ventilators to countries such as Indonesia, Honduras, France, Spain, and Italy. He did not rule out deliveries to Germany, "if there is a need for it."

The United States is still significantly ahead of other countries in the number of coronavirus diseases and the number of deaths. In Washington, however, it is noted that in many respects this "leadership" is due to the fact that the United States is ahead of other countries in terms of testing for coronavirus.

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