Is Lifetimes Dying For a Crown based on a True Story? Where was it shot? Who is the cast?

Is Lifetimes Dying For a Crown based on a True Story? Where was it shot? Who is the cast? ...

'Dying For a Crown,' directed by Damián Romay, is a thriller film about Lydia Campbell and her daughter Elle. Their move has been hampered by a mysterious event. Lydia becomes the assistant principal at Bellview High, which is Elle's primary school, and she strives to be the homecoming queen.

The Lifetime film has been praised by viewers for its talented cast, as well as for its visual side that never fails to intrigue the eye of the viewer. One of the most pressing topics surrounding the film is its storyline. Fans of the film are interested in learning more about the Lifetime thriller in this article.

Is Dying for a Crown a True Story?

'Dying For a Crown' is partially based on a true story. The film's tone is officially inspired by real-life events. However, there has been no particular event that has been established as the primary basis for the film's plot as yet. It appears that the filmmakers have selected elements from several real-life situations to weave a thrilling narrative that attempts to keep the viewer captivated with its realistic nature.

Elle's quest to become the prom queen is a play on one of the most popular teen film tropes. The central premise of popular films like 'Mean Girls' and 'She's All That' is likely to have a significant influence on the appearance of the prom queen in real life.

The actions taken by the mother-daughter duo to achieve the perfect picture of their lives are far from acceptable.

The film's narrative depicts a dismal picture of how far some people are willing to go for a high school scholarship. It also underscores how parental guidance in such situations can lead to tragic incidents.

Filming Locations for Dying For a Crown

'Dying For a Crown' was shot by Lifetime primarily in Georgia, specifically in Savannah. The film's principal photography took place in February 2022, with Juan Hernández as the cinematographer. Let's take a look at the locations that appear in the film, shall we?

Savannah, Georgia

'Dying For a Crown,' a film based in Savannah, Georgia, was created in 1733. Savannah is one of Georgia's most historic and culturally significant places. It is the oldest city in the state of Georgia and was the British colonial capital of the Province of Georgia's Atlantic Ocean.

Savannah is no longer Georgia's capital, but it still holds a high significance within the state. In recent times, Savannah has hosted numerous festivals to commemorate various art forms, such as theater. It is no wonder that the city has become popular among filmmakers. 'The Poison Rose' and 'Baywatch' are two of the most well-known films.

Dying for a Crown Cast

In 'Dying For a Crown,' Jennifer Titus plays Lydia Campbell, well-known for her roles in 'Roe v. Wade' and 'Reprisal.' Catharine Daddario plays Elle in the Lifetime drama. Some of her other acting credits include 'My Best Friend's Dead' and 'Alia's Birth.'

Laura W. Johnson as Principal Alice, Jevon White as Steve, Molly Hargrave as Kate Wheeler, Adam Shimberg as Stephanie, and Darby Breedlove as Becca. Caroline Knight plays Lydia Campbell, while Abraham Sosa plays her younger version.

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