Season Finale Trailer for Lycoris Recoil Has Been Revealed

Season Finale Trailer for Lycoris Recoil Has Been Revealed ...

On the official Aniplex YouTube channel, a sneak peek for the season finale of Lycoris Recoil was released. The upcoming episode, titled "Recoil of Lycoris," will air on Saturday, September 24 on Crunchyroll.

After the first season of Birdie Wing – Golf Girls' Story, it's still possible to see an original anime series develop again in 2022. In the past, we've seen franchises like PSYCHO-PASS grow.

Lycoris Recoil is an original anime series created by A-1 Pictures and directed by Shingo Adachi, the chief animation director at Sword Art Online's action comedy series Ben-To. Chika Anzai as Chisato, Shion Wakayama as Takina, Ami Koshimizu as Misuki, and Kosuke Sakaki as Mika

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Lycoris Recoil is described in the official English website for the series as follows:

'LycoReco' is a Japanese cafe based in downtown Tokyo that offers a traditional Japanese twist. From quick delivery to short distances, to late-night pickups and drop-offs on lonely streets during the night, to zombies and gigantic monster extermination...? We're here to assist you with any kind of problem! The owner is a nice guy who's obsessed with Japan!

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