Snoop Dogg Is Creating His Own BreakfastFood Business

Snoop Dogg Is Creating His Own BreakfastFood Business ...

Calvin "Snoop Dogg" Broadus has launched his Momma Snoop Breakfast Foods line, as revealed Thursday (Sept. 22).

His next food venture will include breakfast fare such as grits, oatmeal, maple syrup, and pancake mix inspired by his mother.

Snoop said, "The top of the morning" as he introduced the items in an Instagram video captioned, "There was a void for our culture when they took Aunt Jemima off the shelves." "We're removing it with Momma Snoop pancake mix, syrup, grits, and oatmeal," adding diversity to the grocery store industry and creating opportunities for minority-owned foods and brands."

Broadus Foods, a 50-year-old business, manufactures Momma Snoop Breakfast cereal and his Snoop Loopz cereal. Master P, a serial entrepreneur, is the company's CEO. The company's objective at Broadus Foods is to "inspire economic empowerment."

Snoop's IG post also included a statement from Master P.

"Our objective is to foster economic empowerment and generational wealth." The more we make, the more we give.

Following his partnership with Funko for the "Tha Dogg House" store, which will open in 2023, the Long Beach rapper revealed his Momma Snoop brand. The store will be located in Inglewood, Calif.

Below is a link to Snoop Dogg's tweet.

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