Tori Spellings Explains Her Mistakes With Mom Candy: They Have Made Peace

Tori Spellings Explains Her Mistakes With Mom Candy: They Have Made Peace ...

Tori Spelling's life is heading south. After years of separation from mother Candy and more recent marriage difficulties with husband Dean McDermott, the actress is now "healing all the broken ties in her." A source close to Tori told HollywoodLife, saying, "Tori is at the best place emotionally that she has been in a very long time."

Tori and Candy were photographed in public for the first time in over five years earlier this month. The reunion was "huge" for the couple, who had a disagreement over the estate of late TV legend Aaron Spelling, who died in 2006.

“When her father passed away, things were misinterpreted, and she felt hurt about the estate,” the source said. “But they are all ready to put it behind them and be the family they once were.”

Tori is ensuring that she honors the time she spends with Candy, who is 77. "It was touch and go for a long time," a second source told HL. "To Tori, the fact that she and [brother] Randy can take her mother out and have it rekindled the memories of the previous years is just beyond precious."

"Her mom seems to be doing fantastic, but she is getting older and Tori is aware that nothing is promised, so she's cherishing this time with her mom."

Tori and her husband Dean are attempting to put the past behind them. The first source claimed that the couple reconciled in August, and that Dean is "so supportive of Tori's desire to be close to all her family again." They said, "He believes it is very important for their kids to have a great connection with their grandmother as well as their uncle Randy."

Insiders say a family vacation might be on the way as life for the Spelling clan turns bright.

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