Jacki Vause, a gaming industry and entertainment expert, has joined the ME Ventures board of directors

Jacki Vause, a gaming industry and entertainment expert, has joined the ME Ventures board of directo ...

ME Ventures, a future-focused music investment firm, has formed an advisory board with recognized tech innovators and savants. Jacki Vause, Dimoso's CEO and Founder, brings 30 years of expertise in entertainment, enterprise technology, and games to the table.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–September 23, 2022

ME Ventures, a music investment firm for the creator economy, has appointed Jacki Vause to its advisory board. Jacki will advise the fund on how to best serve it's mission to nurture and inspire the next generation of artists and innovators.

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Jacki Vause, the CEO and founder of Dimoso, has joined the ME Ventures advisory board. (Photo: Business Wire)

Jacki is joined by international artists and pioneers including Mike Pell, who is the Chief Envisioneer and Director of the Microsoft Garage in New York City, Goldman Sachs' former managing director, and Brandon Pankey, who is the Founder of Artist Presented Experiences (APEX) and Vice President at Live Nation Urban.

“I’m honored to contribute my expertise and expertise to assisting an empowered and rewarded creator economy through a funding infrastructure that seamlessly bridges the worlds of music, entertainment, and Web3 with ME Ventures,” says Jacki Vause, the CEO and Founder of Dimoso.

The formation of the fund is another proof that there is a strong correlation between the creator economy and its future. ME Ventures is investing in early-stage businesses at the intersection of music, media, and future technology. Jacki's expertise is perfectly tuned to working with these new integrated solutions and supporting them in their quest to empower creators to pursue long-term careers in a multi-industry Web3 infrastructure.

ME Ventures is on a mission to bridge the gap between artists and the billions of dollars generated by this technology disruption. We don't just make wealthy investors wealthy; we give artists an unique opportunity to work behind the scenes, incorporating their knowledge and ideas into this next generation of tech.

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Jessie Galman, jessie@dimoso.com

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