The majority of Spaniards would purchase from companies that are committed to a circular economy

The majority of Spaniards would purchase from companies that are committed to a circular economy ...

According to a Capterra platform study, 86% of Spaniards prefer to purchase goods from companies that are committed to the circular economy rather than from others. One of the main findings drawn is that this issue plays a key role in current consumption.

According to the survey, 69 percent of consumers would abandon purchasing from a company if they discover that it does nothing to help or facilitate the transition to a greener economy. Brands need to provide more information to consumers about their commitments to sustainability.

Several industries are continuing to improve their processes in order to implement a circular economy program, and consumers seem willing to reward this effort. 58% of those who would pay more would spend between 10% and 20% more, while 51% of this same segment would not pay more than 10%.

Participants in the study believe these are the four most admirable or effective ways businesses can use to stimulate the circular economy: recycle waste (70%); manufacture goods with a longer useful life (68%); recycle materials in the manufacturing process (63%); and recycle renewable energy (62%).

How do Spaniards value companies' commitment to a circular economy? According to the survey, 72% believe that businesses are not investing enough in anti-waste measures. Therefore, consumers feel there is a pressing issue.

According to 41% of respondents, businesses participate in the circular economy for marketing purposes; for example, greenwashing, a practice where an organization appears to be environmentally friendly, but only does so to improve its reputation.

Consumer perception suggests that textiles (61%), electronics (61%), and technology (60%) are the three sectors that invest the most in circular economy. While, consumers feel that the construction industries (56%), the chemical industry (54%), and the food industry (59% make the most effort.

According to 81% of those surveyed, they regularly use reusable grocery bags, 75% prefer to separate waste with the intention of recycling, and 58% prefer to dispose of electronic devices in designated recycling areas, such as green points. Three actions that Spaniards never or rarely do are: selling second-hand goods to the producers themselves (65%), carpooling (56%), and composting (53%).

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