Is Netflix's Athena based on a true story?

Is Netflix's Athena based on a true story? ...

'Athena,' a French-language film directed by Romain Gavras, depicts the titular council estate in Paris. The film revolves around three brothers, Abdel, Mokhtar, and Karim, who each respond differently to the death of their youngest sibling, Idir. Their ideological conflicts create an intense family drama amidst a civil conflict in the Athena estate.

Through the conflict between the brothers, the film explores themes of anarchy, violence, and police brutality. Therefore, viewers must be wondering if the narrative is based on true events. Here's all you need to know about 'Athena.'

Is Athena a True Story?

No, the film 'Athena' is not based on a true story. The film is based on an original script by Elias Belkeddar, Romain Gavras, and Ladj Ly. The premise follows the brothers' battle over their brother, Idir's death, which was apparently orchestrated by the writers.

Romain Gavras, a director and co-writer of The Hollywood Reporter, talked about his conceptualization of the film's story. "We very quickly realized that storytelling requires these formal characteristics, which are (a) time and location, and (b) symbolic power."

The titular council estate in Paris is a fictional creation, and the name reflects the film's Greek tragedy influences and Athena, the Greek goddess of war and wisdom. The film's story of Idir, a youngster who is imprisoned, draws its inspiration from several actual events.

Gavras used the Greek storytelling technique to immerse the family dynamics in the film. "It's the worst because it's inside the family," Gavras said, explaining the film's family themes. "They're a lot of fun to watch."

'Athena' isn't a true story; it is a fictional story inspired by the Greek tragedy and explores ideological differences caused by civil conflict through the theme of family. The film also provides insightful social commentary on modern society and its fragility.

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